Mouratoglou Tennis Programme Camps 2023

A series of camps suited for everyone from beginners to professional players
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Mouratoglou Tennis Camps

The Mouratoglou Tennis Programme Tennis Camps are designed to give participants of all skill levels the opportunity to experience the Mouratoglou training methodology firsthand. The Camps will help participants to make real progress in the near-term, establish on-court goals to work towards and not to mention have a blast and build lifelong friendships in the meantime!

Weekend Camps

Suitable for ages: 10-17 years old

Price: RM2,650 (includes 6% SST)
Includes all training sessions, full boarding, meals, snacks and evening activities. 

Format: 2 days (1 night)

The Weekend Camps are a short programme for participants looking for a fun weekend of tennis and interactive games. These camps are designed for students looking for a casual introduction to the Mouratoglou training methodology. Students will develop a deeper love for the sport, leaving the programme with greater confidence, camaraderie and sportsmanship. The Weekend Camps differ from the Flagship Camps in terms of drills and intensity.

Flagship Camp

Ages: 10-17 years old

Price: RM6,560 (inclusive of 6% SST)
* Includes all training and classroom sessions, full boarding, all snacks and meals and evening activities  

5 Days (4 Nights)
4 hours of tennis & fitness per day

The Flagship Camps are a reflection of the Mouratoglou Tennis Programme’s full-time flagship tennis and school programme. At Epsom, we not only understand the importance of academics but also the need to address the emotional, social and ethical needs of students in an integrated learning format. We aim to spark a thirst and curiosity for knowledge that will set our students up for success in all aspects of their lives, promoting engagement in an immersive learning environment. Through this, our students develop an agile mindset, ready to understand, learn, collaborate and pivot, particularly within a team dynamic.

These Camps are designed for aspiring student-athletes between the ages of 10 to 17 years, blending intensive tennis training – skills, strategy, gameplay and fitness – and classroom sessions – STEM,  3D Modelling or Public Speaking or Future Leaders Programme. We believe that this powerful combination helps to build a child’s sense of competence and achievement, ultimately leading to a well-adjusted and balanced individual. There will also be planned group excursions to either Melaka Zoo, Port Dickson, 1 Utama or a similar excursion attraction.

Junior Camps

Suitable for ages: 5-9
Price: RM1,315 (includes 6% SST)
*Includes all training sessions, lunch and snacks. 

2 days (non-boarding)
3 hours of tennis & fitness per day

The Junior Camps are created for young beginner-level tennis players between the ages of 5-9 who are either keen to try out tennis for the first time or for those who are starting out in the game. Each tennis camp will accommodate a maximum of 8 players who will be split into skill-level groups prior to the start of the camp.

Adult Camps

Ages: 18 years old and above

Price: RM3,050 (includes 6% SST)
*Includes 1 night of accommodation at Tune Hotel KLIA2 and transportation 

Format: 2 days (1 night)

The Mouratoglou Tennis Programme at Epsom will provide coaching to adults over two dedicated adult camps. Designed for participants over the age of 18, the adult camps are well suited for those keen on taking their recreational or professional tennis to the next level.

Dates for 2023

This offering is currently only available on demand. Please email to book your slot.

Summer Specials

Suitable for ages: 9-17

Price: RM1,315 (includes 6% SST)
*Includes all training sessions, lunch and snacks. 

Options of 14-21 Days

Spring Special (2 Weeks) – 26 March-9 April : RM15,450 (inclusive of 6% SST)

Summer Special I (3 Weeks) – 11-30 June : RM23,000 (inclusive of 6% SST)

Summer Special II (3 Weeks) – 9-23 July : RM23,000 (inclusive of 6% SST)

Summer Special III (3 Weeks) – 30 July-18 August : RM23,000 (inclusive of 6% SST)

4 hours of tennis & fitness per day

These are a series of dedicated camps designed for student-athletes wanting to bring their tennis game to the next level which will be possible upon completion of these camps. All while building confidence through extracurricular classes, improving their strategic thinking skills, and building the stamina to train continuously while remaining focused on the end-goals. Mouratoglou specials provide students a platform to experience elite training and dedicated coaching throughout the entire period of the camp.