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We believe that each player is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all coaching methodology that will yield universal success. Students enrolled in the Mouratoglou Tennis Programme will each receive a personalised tennis coaching plan that is specially designed to reflect their skill level and aspirations for the future, just as a professional tennis player strategizes and prepares with their coach. These tactical strategies are at the core of Patrick Mouratoglou’s success as a coach and these learnings are distilled from his 25-year career into the Mouratoglou Tennis Programme at Epsom Malaysia. We cater to individuals of all skill levels and provide each player with the requisite tools and guidance to take their tennis game to the highest level.

In the Mouratoglou Tennis Programme, players receive up to 20 hours of weekly instruction. Training takes place in small groups (of up to 4 players) organised according to skill level, allowing coaches to provide targeted and prompt feedback.

In order to improve players’ on-court dynamic movement capacity, players undergo physical conditioning exercises to build strength, endurance and agility. Recovery is monitored and mobility and injury prevention exercises are personalised to take into account existing injuries or weaknesses. Mindset coaching helps to build the mental determination required for peak performance.

Players also have on-court, match-specific training sessions which includes vigorous game play and incremental personal coaching is available. By mixing up training methods – volume, intensity, frequency and focus – players are able to break through potential growth plateaus to achieve their long-term goals. There are supplementary holiday training programmes available for players looking for additional coaching outside of term-time.

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